How To Get Started

Interested in applying for Home Care Services or Home and Community Based Services and don’t know how to get started? Contact us and one of our case managers will initiate the application process. 

What is PA Waiver Program?

The name of the program, Waiver, derives from the federal government “waiving” the Medical Assistance requirement that an individual require institutional care, permitting Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfare to use the same funds allocated for Medical Assistance to provide supports and services for individuals.

What is Home and Community Based Services?

Home and community based services (HCBS) provide opportunities for Medicaid beneficiaries to receive services in their own home or community rather than institutions or other isolated settings. These programs serve a variety of targeted population groups, such as people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, and /or mental illnesses. 

Can a family member get paid to be a caregiver in Pennsylvania?

Yes. A family member can get paid to be a home caregiver in Pennsylvania through Medicaid or an agency. There are Medicaid programs that allow you to hire a caregiver of your choice at your discretion, including a family member, a trained professional or another individual.

With the exception of Power of Attorney, Husband, Wife, or the Parent of individual receiving services. 

What does Medicaid cover for seniors?

Medicaid covers nursing home care and other long-term services and supports, as well as other medical care and supportive services that Medicare doesn’t cover, which help many low-income seniors and people with disabilities stay independent and healthy.

What if I am not eligible?

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers a wide selection of support services and agencies that may be able to provide help to you if you are not found eligible for in home services through a waiver. Contact us we will talk to you about other programs available. 

Already receiving Home and Community Based Services and Unhappy with your current Agency and want to switch?

There are a variety of reasons that a senior or their loved ones might want to switch home care support providers. 

Generally, either they are dissatisfied with their current home care agency or a different homecare agency is offering something that their current home care provider can’t or won’t provide. Call Five Star Companion Care and find out what we offer. We will be happy to service you and able to assist you in the process of switching agencies. 

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